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If you offer freelancer services in India or are a consultant, how do you generate leads and find new clients?

Hi! In this answer, I’ll discuss about a detailed plan of action that you can apply to your business to generate 100 + B2B leads in a month. Before you begin to market your tool/service, it is important that you identify who your target audience is and what your content strategy would look like.

# 1 Define Your Customer Persona:

A customer persona is nothing but mapping out the ideal characteristics of your target audience. To draw a customer persona you may use the following framework provided by Bufferapp which involves determining parameters that are specific to your target customers like Demographics, value system of your customer etc.

# 2 What Your Content Strategy Should Look Like:

Your content strategy is a mixture of multiple things including Content on landing pages, Blog content, Social media content, Pitches/sales messages and Email content. The one thing that you need in common with all of these channels is coherence. As a strong B2B firm, you need to give out a message that your product/service is reliable, has been successfully used by clients in the past and that you genuinely care about clients if and when something goes wrong.

Let’s dive into the real thing now. Broadly, we can define our strategies into two categories

#1 Outbound Lead Generation Strategy

#2 Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

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Outbound Marketing Part 1 :

#1 Using LinkedIn Lead Generation

Step 1 : Map out a detailed customer persona : Understanding who do you want to sell to is of utmost importance.

Step 2 : Search for the lead’s profile on LinkedIn : Using a keyword search inside of LinkedIn, you can start finding people who will be a great fit for your lead standards.

Step 3 : Send a connect request : While sending a connect request to your potential lead, LinkedIn will give you a small box to add info as an introductory message. Don’t try selling your product/ SEO Service.

Step 4 : Send a soft pitch after connecting : Once your potential lead gets connected with you on LinkedIn, send them a thank-you message for accepting your request. After a couple of days, send them a short pitch introducing yourself and your company.

Step 5 : Follow-up with annoying your leads: A lot of your potential leads would be busy and hence may not respond to your first message. The best way to not lose any opportunities is to follow-up warmly.

Outbound Marketing Part 2 :

This comprises of Digital Advertising. Broadly classifying ads, you can use

# 1 Search Engine Ads

# 2 Social Media Ads

# 3 Private Network Ads

To decide where your product/service could be advertised best, you need to answer the following questions

  1. Where does your audience look for your product? If people search a lot about your type of product/service on search engines, then search ads should be the best way, however if your target audience reads a lot of industry blogs and follows influencers, tying up with influencers is the best you can do.
  1. How does your audience interact with your business?
  2. Do you sell high end consulting solutions or do you have a free/freemium tool that users can try right away?
  3. Is advertising a model that you can scale?

Irrespective of which advertising channel you use always make sure that the following equation is valid:

Cost of acquiring the customer ( via different channels)> Customer lifetime value

CLV is the total amount of money that a customer will make for you for the entire period of time that he will spend with you.

Inbound Lead Generation

Part 1 : Developing Content which is centered around adding tremendous value to people who consume that content.

Part 2 : Promoting Your Content

Once you’ve built content that fits the right strategy, you can use the following engagement strategies for promoting the content:

  1. Engage in B2B industry forums.
  2. LinkedIn group discussions in the right communities which gives you a lot of opportunity to distribute your content.
  3. Distribute content on third party platforms like LinkedIn Pulse, Slideshare, Quora blog posts, Reddit threads, Medium etc.
  4. Talk to influencers. Lastly share the content on your own social media multiple times.

Part 3 : Collect Contact Information

Once you start developing content and promoting it the right way, you will discover a steady flow of users accessing your content. Once people discover your content, put a hook on to them by getting their contact info.

Part 4: Nurture Your Leads

Here are some ways to do so successfully.

  1. If they signed up for your content, send them relevant emails with more of the same content without being annoying.
  2. If they visited your pricing page but didn’t go further, serve them re-marketing ads across social media and search network. This keeps them reminded of your products/services.
  3. Keep building your authority with more quality content and asking them if they’d like your help with anything.


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